Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Marvels

Well, like most people out there- I did not win Powerball and so the fundraising efforts chug along today. Ah, if only I had won and could make a sizable donation that would launch us into the next level. How amazing that would be!

Anyways, back to reality- so what's new? Well, today I was working primarily on anniversary sponsors, auction items and calendar sponsors. I don't have any positive news today, but that is usual.  It takes a while usually for people to respond. I did get a commitment for a handmade jewelry item for the silent auction at our Date Auction which is great. I'm really working hard to broaden the sponsorship base for the Anniversary event. It is a milestone for us and I want this to be our biggest event ever and that means I need a lot of new sponsors. I also want to get the calendar ads taken care of early. Ideally, I'd like to have commitments for half the ads by the end of this month. 

Tomorrow, I'm doing a small bowling fundraiser with my Meet Up group. I organize a free bowling night at Jillian's for my Beantown & Beyond Singles group every couple of months and I ask guests to make a $5 donation to Project Smile. Last time we raised almost $200 which was excellent. Events like that are perfect because they require so little amount of effort. I wish I could do more of them.

Well, I wish I had more exciting news to share today- I probably do, but my mind is going blank. I promise to be more interesting tomorrow! Until then friends...

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