Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Night

Blogging on a Friday night- I think this is a first! I was out earlier- met up with a friend for dinner in Boston (had a great time). I got home a few minutes ago and had a sudden urge to blog! I'm actually really excited that I have readers- find it quite amazing actually.

So what's new? Not too much today. Our volunteer, Sandy, was working on contacting nursing homes, she organized about 4 donations for next week. I was working on the usual stuff and getting more auction items. Our Jon Stewart tickets arrived today- such an awesome item! I can't tell you how excited I am for our 5th Anniversary Celebration- there is so much work going into it and I really want it to be an awesome event. Of course, the major thing is actually getting people to show up- but right now I can't worry so much about that. I'm trying to get everything in place so that it is an event people will want to go to. Getting awesome auction items is a big part of that. However, besides that, just knowing that this was started 5 years ago is a pretty special feeling.

Anyways, I contacted some fun new places today- I'm trying to get airline tickets donated and also working on fun mini adventures. I contacted a dog sledding expedition place- I think that would be a really cool item for our aution. I also contacted some other places that are pretty special- can't talk about it until I actually get the items though! Last year, we had 47 items in our auction. As of today, we have 96 places on our list for items. This doesn't include the 47 who donated last year. Of the 96 places, we have received 22 items and have a commitment from another 8 places for items. Some of the other places are currently closed for the season and others we have made contact with and are waiting to hear back.

I'm so into auction items that I even asked our waiter tonight who I should speak with about a gift cert. donation for our charity event. He checked with the manager and came back with the marketing director's card. I haven't really done anything like that before, but my friend Lisa and I were talking about Project Smile and auction items and I just thought about how the restaurant we were at would be a really cool date place. It is a tapas place on Newbury St. and has awesome sangria! The prices are pretty good too.

Well, I'm getting a little tired, so until next time...

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