Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Night

Blogging again on Friday night- what's happening??? Plans got scratched for tonight, which was disappointing- but probably for the best since I have to be up early tomorrow morning (those who know me will sympathize!) and I'm recovering from a toe injury- dropped a metal snow shovel on it yesterday (don't ask).

I was catching up on some work stuff tonight- finding new auction items (I'm getting a little obsessed)- not really obsessed with auction items per se, but really want to make sure these two events are the best they can possibly be. I contacted another ski resort today, followed up with some more places and tonight I was working on airline tickets. I already applied to one small airline, tonight I applied online with AirTran as well. I'm also going to contact a few other airlines- those would definitely be great items. I picked up a gift certificate to a fondue restaurant in Framingham- Melting Pot. They donated a $50 gift card. This is another I'd like to use- the restaurant had such a great atmosphere, the owner was very friendly and the menu looks really good. I'm looking forward to eating there soon. I really do try to patronize places that have been supportive of Project Smile.

I was also catching up on emails tonight- sometimes I get a little far behind with responding to emails. . should do what my friend Michelle does and just respond immediately. I've also read that one should set aside a block of time each day to respond to emails. I'm not talking about the urgent business emails that I get- those obviously get responded to immediately, but some of the other emails that I get which aren't urgent but still deserve a timely response.

Anyways, should better be going- I need to get ready for my class tomorrow. It is a good class and I'm looking forward to it. Until next time friends..

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