Monday, March 31, 2008

Own Your Day

So what's new? It was an odd day today. The personal issue that had been bothering me resurfaced last night with an upsetting phone call- the effects of which carried over this morning. I was extra tired and felt unmotivated for work- I did start working, but it was a struggle and I felt like my day was slipping away because I was still upset about last night's experience. Around noon, I stopped trying to work and sat at my desk and thought for a while- I realized that I was giving away my power over my day. I couldn't control this other person's behavior and I couldn't control the fact that it upset me, but I could control today and what I did with my day. If I was to let my upset feelings dominate my day, I was giving this person's actions power over me. So right then, I decided that wasn't going to happen. It was bad enough to waste most of the morning, but I was taking back my day and making it productive. So I started making my phone calls and following my daily list and the day immediately started to improve. Was it a great day? No- but it was productive, I set up nursing home donations for next week, followed up with some auction items and made other calls. I didn't get to everything that I needed to, but the day had been salvaged and that was the most important thing.

Taking control over one's day and staying focused is important for achieving success in any type of work, but it takes on a particularly strong meaning when one runs their own business. For me, there is no one to delegate work to- if I don't accomplish something, it means that it won't get done and with every task that isn't completed, that is a step in our growth that hasn't been made. Good time management- which is the product of being focused, is a cornerstone of business success. Of course, every day isn't going to be the picture of productivity- sickness, personal commitments, unforseen situations or other things happen (even the ocasional "goofy day"). Those are all OK. But what's not OK is to waste a day because of my reaction to someone else's actions. So I was happy today that I realized what was happening and I took back my day.

Anyways, now going to search for a few more auction items (for both Anniversary event and date auction) that I will contact tomorrow, watch the next part of the John Adams miniseries (great movie) and then read for a bit and write my list for tomorrow (which will contain today's left over items- such a long list it will be). Sounds like a plan! Until next time friends....

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