Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday News

Greetings! What's the latest and greatest? I must say this hour change (although wonderful with the extra light)is really messing me up. I am so tired and feeling like I haven't gotten a ton accomplished these last couple of days (or much of anything actually!). Yesterday, I did a donation at a nursing home where retired nuns, most of whom are suffering from Alzheimer's, live. The stuffed animals were well received. I can't help but feel so sad when I leave the nursing homes- I felt this overwhelming sense of relief when I left the place (although it was perfectly fine) and was able to breath fresh air. I even drove with the window open, just so I could enjoy the feel of fresh air, not caring if it was cold. I keep thinking that I should be adjusted to nursing homes by now and not let it affect me so much, but it really does. I feel this awful combination of sadness, guilt and fear when I go into the places. We've been receiving a lot of positive feedback from the program, so I know I should feel happier that we're able to bring some cheer to the residents, but the other feelings are so much greater.

Our Daily Show with Jon Stewart VIP passes arrived which is exciting- they are 4 VIP tickets to a show taping in New York City, we'll use them in our silent auction during the Anniversary Celebration. I'm also working on getting some other cool items, but can't share anything yet until we get them! I think the Daily Show tickets are a lot of fun, I'd like to go myself! We also have to start working on getting some autographed celebrity photos again.

Well, that's it for tonight. I have to go and write my very lengthy list for tomorrow- the usual stuff and I'm doing two nursing home donations. Also, I have to keep working on obtaining sponsors for the Anniversary Celebration and Date Auction. I didn't get to contact 3 businesses today for auction items, so I'll work on 6 tomorrow so I can stay on track.
Until next time friends...

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