Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday News

So guess what? It was a better day today. Why? Well, three auction items arrived in the mail which was great- a restaurant gift certificate, Boston cruise gift certificates and a whale watch gift certificate. Those will be used for our date auction, Anniversary auction and possibly for the April event that one of our supporters is doing. Then I was also making follow up phone calls for our date auction items and was actually getting through to people and getting commitments for items. I also picked up a limousine ride gift certificate from a limo service in Hopedale- it's for a 3 hr. limo ride ($225 value). So I was really happy about that- it was so nice to visit their office today. The lady was really supportive. It
really makes such a difference when one interacts with pleasant and helpful people- it makes working on the more difficult things easier.

I love our new date auction flyer- Lisa, our graphic designer, emailed it over and I didn't have a chance to look at untl today. Last year's flyer was good, but I had asked Lisa to make this year's sexier looking. She did a great job, I can't wait to start sending it out. It is the type of flyer that if i saw it, I would totally want to go to the event. That is the mark of a really good flyer!

So what else is new? I can't remember! This is probably a sign that I should go to bed. Have to go and write my list for tomorrow- I started in January with my daily list that I write the night before. It is such a help. There were a lot of things that I didn't get to today, so they need to be carried over for tomorrow. Someone told me that they had read in a coaching book, that if you have an item on your list and don't get to it, you should just cross it off, because it means that you will never do it. Totally untrue. Sometimes it can take me a bit of time to get everything done, but everything that goes on my list are things that need to be done. Not getting to an item usually means I ran out of time. It just seems like such an odd piece of advice that someone would give.
Anyways, off to bed. Until next time..

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