Monday, April 28, 2008

Another Hour?

I have decided that a solution to my time issues would be adding another hour to the day- preferably between 11-1. So what got me on this absolutely useless train of thought? Today was frustrating because I had a ton of things that needed to be done and all I got accomplished (almost) was a grant that is due on Thursday. Now, the grant is important, so it is a significant accomplishment, but I really didn't get to all the other things that I needed to and that gets frustrating. Anyways, enough griping. Today is over and I can't add extra hours to the day- what a wonderful thought though.

So what else is new? Good news! Jen's event in Rockland went well, it raised approximately $1,200. It is such a special feeling to see people come out to support our work and it is really awesome to have an event where I didn't have to do all the work! Jen spent a lot of time and I really appreciate all the effort she made. It is definitely an event that I can see growing, so I hope that Jen does it again next year. There were a couple of auction items that didn't sell- so we have a great Mary Kay cosmetics gift basket for our Anniversary auction. I do have 6 tickets to the Wild West Festival in Marshfield, June 27-29 that I need to sell. Eaton Vance is donating them to us and they didn't sell at the auction. I was surprised that they didn't- it looks like a fun event- bronco riding, live music, BBQ fest, kids activities, horseshoe tournament and other cowboy activities. The tix are $25 each and I don't want them to go to waste because we really need all the funds we can raise. So if anyone is out there and wants to explore their western heritage or watch cowboys doing their thing- let me know! They were being auctioned off for only $15 each.

I've been working on lining up our calendar sponsors- I don't have any confirmed yet which is worrying (to put it mildly). However, I go through this every year and the ads do get sold, but it is stressful. I think it is more difficult this year because of the economy. The calendar needs to get moved up to near top priority since it does go to print in August.

So what else is new? I'm forgetting again- a sign that I'm getting tired. There are other good things going on too, but I'll write about that tomorrow. Now off to have raspberry sherbet (love it!), then read for a bit and write my list for tomorrow (which will basically be everything that I wanted to do today and then some). So until next time friends..

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