Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Back on Track

Ah, the joys of a new day. So today was much better- I feel like I am back on track. There was a lot that I didn't get to today, but it was productive and I feel like that cloud is gone. Working on obtaining these gift certificates has been really interesting- obviously I have worked on getting donated items before, but it hasn't been quite to the same scale that I'm working on getting items for our two events this year. As you probably already know from reading my blog, I've been working on trying to get lots of different items- kayaking trips, flying lessons, museums, white water rafting, etc. Over a week ago, I contacted one place in MA that is known for its outdoor trips. I spoke with the person about donating a gift certificate, she was pleasant, but said they prefer to donate to local chairities and they receive a lot of requests, but that I could email the info to her. I wasn't very encouraged about the likelihood of actually receiving an item, but I knew that one always has to send the letter- that until you actually get a rejection, there is still a possibility. Plus, if I didn't write, then I definitely wouldn't be receiving anything. So today, I received an email and we will be getting a gift certificate! I was so happy because it was a great example of the importance of following through and reaching out, even when you think that it won't work out.

So what's on track for tomorrow? Taking my laptop and cell phone and heading to the beach...kidding of course! I have a lot of police and fire departments to reach and more nursing homes, particularly ones in Malden. Also have to work on getting sponsors for our events- our Anniversary Celebration is also going to have a special tribute recognizing our financial sponsors that got us where we are today. And of course work on obtaining auction items- my goal is to contact 4 potential date auction and 4 Anniversary auction donors daily. I also need to work on grants. I think I'm forgetting something else that needs to be done. Another long list for tomorrow.

Off to exercise for a bit- I didn't get to it this morning. I did get to read tonight which I enjoyed. I'm reading "Pieces of the Heart", such a good book- my sister gave it to me for christmas. So until next time friends..

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