Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today I did a stuffed animal donation at a Malden nursing home. It was a very impressive facility. Walking in, I felt like I was entering an upscale hotel. It didn't even have that typical nursing home smell- those who have spent any time in a nursing home will know what I mean (it's dreadful). I didn't go beyond the main entrance area, so I can't say for sure what the rest of the place was like, but based on what I saw, it was very clean, nicely decorated and felt like a hotel. Even though I was happy to see such an attractive place, I couldn't help but remember some of the other nursing homes I saw and how unfair it is that some people get to live out their lives in nice surroundings like this place, while others are left in miserable and depressing places. The disparity that exists is so great and so sad. One would think that particularly at the end of someone's life they deserve to spend their time in a pleasant place, regardless of the money they have. But based on what I have seen so clearly in these past few months, that is not the case. As I stood, waiting for the activities director, I looked at the beautiful, sparkling windows, the clean carpets, the staff dressed in crisp uniforms, the almost real looking greenery which gave a courtyard effect to the reception area, and I remembered one nursing home in particular which was the exact opposite of this one, a shockingly miserable place, and i felt so sad and frustrated as well.

So what else happened today? I did our first donation to Newton Fire department and I also spent a little time working on auction items and started work on the big grant which is due next week. Off to write my list for tomorrow and bed. Until next time friends...

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