Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Latest and Greatest

I can't believe it has been almost a week since I blogged- yikes! It totally didn't feel that long. So what's the latest and greatest? Nothing! Just kidding of course- there is always something happening. A mini crisis erupted today, I can't really go into the details of it yet, but I was able to come to a tentative resolution- once it gets completely resolved, I'll share the details. It was a pretty big problem, so it was a major relief that there was a resolution so quickly. However, it did a lot of time out of the day and there were a lot of things I didn't get to unfourtunatly.

So what else is new? Mostly usual stuff- contacting nursing homes, police/fire departments. I also finally got started on reaching out to sponsors for our Anniversary Celebration, I need to kick that part into high gear though. I took a trip up to Westminster on Friday to pick up a gift item from Wachusett Brewery for our silent auction- it is a really cool item- two beer glasses, $36 gift certificate, signs, coasters and a "growler" beer jug, all in a Wachusett Brewery box. Another item I wish I could bid on! We also received some more restaurant gift certificates. I know it sounds like we have a ton of stuff, but there is still a lot more to do.

I am stressing (not that unusual!)- particularly stressing about finding date auction sponsors. It is extremely difficult and I feel like I'm not approaching it the right way, but I'm not sure how to do things differently. What I do know is that I'm not getting results. So if anyone has suggestions for reaching potential date auction sponsors, please let me know.

I also have to start working on a grant which is due next Tuesday- I know I should have already started, but I've been spending the extra time that usually would have been used for grant writing, on working on auction items and sponsors. So I do need to work on adjusting my time management, so I can fit in time to work on both tasks, as well as all the usual stuff.

Well, I have to go and catch up on thank you cards that need to be sent, I know there are emails that I need to respond to and write my list for tomorrow. So until tomorrow friends...
P.S. Happy Birthday to my bro Vince!

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Miss Powers said...

Hmmm...date auction sponsors...small restaurants? Or smaller dating websites like cupid.com (maybe?) or e-harmony--Boston's a big city!!