Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So what's new? It was a good day today- nothing special happened (ie. no donations), but I got caught up (sort of) on a lot of fundraising things. I was reaching out to calendar sponsors, anniversary sponsors, auction items and date auction items. I didn't get to work on the Bruins grant or contacting new police/fire departments or nursing homes, but that was OK, because there was a lot of sponsor work that needed to be done. If I was really good, I would get back to work tonight and send out more letters and get those thank you cards out. I had another idea for a special guest for our anniversary event- kind of a wild idea, but hey- aren't all good things wild ideas in the beginning? I don't want to talk about it yet, but I'm going to start working on it and see if we can't get something to happen.

I am excited for tomorrow- one of our supporters, Jennifer, is hosting a fundraising event for us at the Harmon Golf Club in Rockland. It is along the same idea as our anniversary celebration- silent auction, raffle, live music, appetizers, cash bar. She organized a special guest who has a really interesting life story. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow. So today, I dusted off the credit card machine and charged it up- i ran a card tonight and I'll go and process the transaction in a few minutes to make sure that everything is still working OK. It is such a good feeling to get the credit card machine up and running- means money will be coming in!

I'm in the process of switching web hosts- the person who was doing it for the last three years is selling the business, so I had to find a new company. I'm going with a local web hosting company. Gordon had done a great job with our site- he donated all his time and services and I love the way our site looks. The design isn't changing, the new company will take over the updates and we may make a few small changes, but absolutely nothing dramatic. I think that things are going to go well with the new company- the web guy sent our newsletter for us today and I really appreciated the effort that he made to help.

I'm forgetting stuff that I wanted to write about- maybe a sign that I should go to bed- or maybe a sign that I should take notes during the day. Yikes- feel like a grandma doing that one. It's tough sometimes because I have so much stuff going through my head all the time- a lot of it related to work- I feel like I should write things down more often. I actually started to take a little notebook with me recently- to use when I'm waiting (before meetings or events)- I'll take notes on things that I need to do for work or even new ideas related to work. I've only done it a few times, but it is helpful. That's another reason I like driving, because I use it for thinking time as well- I can relax and sort out issues, think about things to be done or new ways to deal with a problem.

Anyways, enough for tonight- off to write my list in my pretty little list notebook (oh yes, I have a pretty notebook for my lists and you know what, it makes me feel happy every time I look at it). Actually off to check the credit card machine, then write my list (list writing is the last thing I do at night.
Until next time friends...

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