Sunday, April 20, 2008

Song Day Tomorrow

So tomorrow our Project Smile song is being recorded- I am so excited! I love the song(written by one of the women singing it) and both of the women have great voices. Krysta (one of the singers), has her first CD being debuted next month. It is amazing to think that just a few months ago (January), the song was just an idea in my head and now it is about to become a reality. The song will be recorded and then will have its official debut at our Anniversary Event with both ladies performing at the event. I'm also working on having some local radion stations play it and we'll have it on our website for download too (but not until the fall). I think it is the perfect fit for our 5th anniversary.

What else is on the agenda for this week? Lots of the usual stuff- contacting police/fire, grant writing, auction item hunting, sponsor searching, reaching out to calendar sponsors, thank you notes that need to go out, Halloween event work, Jennifer's fundraising event in Rockland on Thursday. Is that all? I'm probably forgetting some things.
Well, I am going to read for a bit, then write my list for tomorrow. I haven't read in a while and I'm really enjoying my book too. So until tomorrow...

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