Monday, November 17, 2008

On the Road

I got a late start this morning- I went to bed too late- I don't actually remember what time but it was after 2am. I woke up this morning, looked at the clock and decided I could close my eyes for 6 minutes before I needed to get out of bed, except the next time I opened my eyes it had been 50 minutes- leading to a major rush to get ready, load my car, get out the door, get gas and head to Lawrence then Newton. I actually made it to Lawrence ahead of time, but it was a bad way to start the morning. The Lawrence fire donation went well and so did the press conference at Newton- it was great that they invited me to participate. The problem was that by the time I was done with Newton, went to Market Basket to get food for tonight's New Food Monday and came home- the day was pretty much over. I did respond to some emails and made a few phone calls, but I didn't get through to anyone. It was just frustrating because I had a long list of things to do and didn't make it through half the items. I was planning on working on grants tonight, but I sat down in front of the computer earlier and just couldn't get my little brain to focus. Tomorrow, I'm doing our second donation to Lynn Police, then I have an appointment in Boston, so I'm going to be gone most of the day again. It gets frustrating because there is so much to be done in the office- phone calls to reach new departments, letters that need sent, emails, grants to write, updates to send our web host, newsletter to write so it doesn't become the last day of the month and I'm trying to write November news- and nothing will be done because I'm out on the road. I don't want to get into the whole needing help thing again- I must sound like a broken record. I'm just really tired tonight, I'm frustrated with all the things that didn't get done. Last night when I went to bed so late, it wasn't because I was out partying- I was working on Project Smile stuff and it wasn't like I was driving around goofing off today- the donation to the fire department was obviously important and the Newton press conference was helpful for raising awareness- so there is no reason to gripe about not being in the office.

I'm also really worried about calendar sales and I need to put a lot more time into moving these calendars. I'm sorry to sound like a Debbie Downer tonight, I'm just feeling a little overwhelmed. I need to sleep- my eyes are hurting. I did speak with the event planner today and the Valentine's event is getting more streamlined with an improved focus. We are still working out contract details, but things look like they are on the right direction. I checked her references on Friday and they were absolutely glowing- obviously, I didn't expect them to be negative, but it was encouraging how positive they were.

Well, it is 12:21, my goal is to be in bed by 12:45 and writing my list- I should just take today's list and cross out the date, but I hate doing that. There is something slightly depressing about looking a list that has yesterday's day crossed off and the new day written next to it- not a good way to start a day. I like to start my morning with my tea in my cheerful Halloween mug (used every day) and looking at my new fresh list in my list book (yes, I have a hard cover list book- it may be dorky, but I love it). It is a relaxing way to start the morning, but that usually only lasts a few minutes before I have to decide what to do first- I never seem to go in order.

Anyways, thats it for tonight. Until tomorrow friends...

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