Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grant Progress

Good news today- I finally started making significant progress on the grant that is due next weeek. I've been struggling with it for ages, but the lightbulb moment came this afternoon and is started to get easier and I got a lot done. Ah- you should see me typing right now- I destressed a litte earlier by painting my nails. They are almost totally dry, but I'm concerned about chipping, so I'm doing this very strange fingertip only typing on my laptop, which although only a little slow- is causing some serious typos. Anyways, just felt obligated to share.

What else is going on? Not a whole lot. I've been working at a superslow pace this week, not entirely sure why, but there are a million things that I need to get to including work on date auction and anniv. event. The Sharks are holding a check presentation ceremony for us on March 7, so I'm pretty excited to find out what the auction total is. I hope I can stay for the game as well.

I was feeling sad this afternoon. I received an appeal letter from Goodwill asking for a donation and I wanted so much to send them a check, but the reality is that I can't afford it right now. That got me thinking about how much I wished I had money- I would do so much good with it. I've never been obsessed with material things. Of course, I like a nice lifestyle, a nice car, money to go out and do things with, but I don't need much- I've never needed fancy things. If I was able, I would support so many charities and foundations. Particularly the small ones that do a ton of good work and don't get the recognition or the dollars that the larger ones receive. I would support DSS because they are incredibly overburdened, I would help as many families as I could who were facing foreclosure, I would support arts organizations and of course I would help fund Project Smile and help my family. I know daydreaming about money isn't exactly helpful, but it was on my mind this afternoon. It is heartbreaking to see the stories of families who have lost their homes and are living in shelters. It is such a fine line that many people walk between a relatively peaceful life and utter chaos. I drive by a house almost every day of a family that we knew whose home recently went into foreclosure. It is so sad to see people losing what they worked so hard to achieve and lives being uprooted.

Of course, with the constant bad economic news, I worry about Project Smile and where our funds are coming from for the rest of the year. We already had one event that performed significantly less than expected, so is that foreshadowing the next two big ones in the fall? I don't know, but my instinct is that those events will be fine. The truth is that they have to be fine- no matter what, I need to find a way to make those events as successful, if not more, than they were last year. As bad as things are, there is still money out there. The world hasn't stopped. I just watched somone spend $2,000 on an AHL Sharks jersey a few days ago.

Anyways, I think that's it for tonight. I am going to logg onto my Twitter account. I have trouble accessing it through Firefox- the browser that I run my desktop on, so I'm logging in through netscape, then changing the settings so I can "tweet" from my cell. I put a Twitter link on our homepage, so it looks pretty sloppy not to update it frequently. I'm not a big fan of Twitter yet, but maybe that's because I haven't used it enough yet.

Well, I'm off to go and find a grapefruit- I think there is one left in the fridge. Then to write my super long list for tomorrow. I was going to read some more, but I don't think I can concentrate- I just started a new book- a true story about an African boy soldier. Until tomorrow friends..

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