Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Night Before

Well, here we are- back in a familiar position- the night before a big event. Things are different with this event, I'm not used to having so little to think about. I usually have everything done by the night before, but I'm always running through things in my head, writing my lists for the event and making sure that all the details are accounted for. The event planner is handling all those logistics. She told me this afternoon not to worry about those details because she was handling it all. I wasn't trying to bug her or anything- I'm just not used to not having to think of everything. I've got my box of items packed for tomorrow, my dress ready to go, I have to pick up a last minute auction item in the morning and get money for our bank and that's it. It should feel great not to have a lot to think about tonight and on a certain level it does, but I'm worrying and I feel like I can't relax. I was home at 8:30 and I could have done some more work- I did do a little, or finished my book or watched the movie that just came from Netflix, but instead I wasted time thinking about things for tomorrow that I don't have any control over. These events are so important I can't even begin to explain. The money is the most important of course, but beyond that there is Project Smile's reputation, the exposure that a good event generates, my reputation- there is a lot of pressure to keep our succes going and to make it bigger each time.

Anyways, the interview on WXLO went well. Mark does a great job with his interviews, I always like going there and talking about the latest. I like talking about Project Smile anyways, I could do that for hours. I really need to do more public speaking- it is so important to get out in front of groups of people and spread the word about Project Smile.

I think that's it for tonight. I'm going to take my anxious self and go to bed. Usually blogging helps me relax, but it isn't really helping tonight. So the next best thing is probably to go eat my grapefruit and go to bed early. My 3 sibs are coming to my event tomorrow night- I think that's the first event that they have all come to. Cordelia always comes, but Vince and Eve have been too young for others and with their school/work schedules there have been conflicts. But they will all be there tomorrow. Cordelia has two friends coming to help as well which is great. They helped at the date auction last year and did a great job.

Wish me luck for tomorrow night please- specifically wish for lots of people, many dollars reaised, everyone showing up and doing a great job and a lots of happy guests!

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