Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So what's the latest? Not much new to report. I spent a lot of time on outreach for our Worcester Sharks event on February 21. The Sharks will be auctioning off their All Star game worn jerseys with a live and silent auction for Project Smile during their Saturday, 2/21 game. We are also selling tickets to the game through a special link that the Sharks set up for us. I have a limited number of free tickets to the game which are primarily for people who are planning on bidding on the jerseys. The free tickets also include entrance to the Shark Tank which is the pre-game party room at the DCU Center. So it is a really cool event and I need to get people to show up. I've posted it on a bunch of sites that list Worcester events, it is on our Facebook page, our website, an email invitation went out this morning to our list and I have emailed a ton of contacts with a personal invitation. I also sent out press releases, I have more to send out tomorrow. The response is a little slow, but I think it will definitely pick up.

I didn't get to work on any grants today and I probably won't get to them tomorrow either because I'm on the road for a good portion of the afternoon. I have to be in Worcester at 12pm to record a radio show that airs Sunday morning- more Sharks promo, then I'm in Braintree at 2pm to pick up our sports silent auction items, then stopping in Wrentham on the way back to pick up the Best Lips prize. I also have other small things to get together for Thursday and I have to do our bid sheets for our silent auction on Saturday night at Flirt Fest.

It gets so frustrating when you have so many things to do and don't get to half of them. I was tired this morning and it took me a while to get started, but then things just took a while to get done. I found another venue to help promote our blog- it is on the Downtown Womens Club networking website that I'm a member of. Hopefully, they will include our blog on their list of members blogs. I was at the Providence Chapter's monthly networking night tonight- it is a really interesting group of women and I've made some great connections. I didn't feel quite as on my game tonight when I spoke, I think I was tired. I was working late on things and rushed to eat before I left, rushed out the door and arrived a little late, that contributed to making me feel a little off my mark. Even though I wasn't at my best, it was still good to attend- it is important to show and participate regularly. I enjoy going anyways.

I can't remember what else is new. I'm going to go and eat some grapefruit. I'm feeling so hungry and actually craving crackers/cheese, but grapefruit is a better alternative. They really don't go with each other, so I can't have both. If only cheese was a health food- I would be by far the healthiest chickie. I'm really looking forward to the valentines event happening so I can stop worrying about it and focus on everything else. The Yelp newsletter came out today with our event as the sponsored item- it looks awesome. We also were included in Going.Com's email blast of Boston Valentines events. I think things will work out fine for Thursday, but I am so anxious. There is a lot riding on this and I need everything to be OK in order to keep things chugging steadily along.

Well, I need to stop thinking and go to bed. My little brain feels like it's in overdrive- besides, grapefruit is calling my name....

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