Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yesterday, the Cleveland Indians were down by 7 runs heading into the ninth inning. They rallied for eight runs to win the game, 6 of those runs coming with two outs. Why am I sharing this? Because it is a reminder of never giving up- nothing is ever over until it is truly over. When things appear hopeless, one has to keep going- keep working, keep fighting until you achieve the results that you want.

I was struggling this morning. I went to check my emails before exercising which is a lousy idea and I was greeted with an issue that will need some time to resolve. I didn't get around to exercising because I decided to go straight to work. I only intended to spend a couple of hours on date auction sponsorship, but I ended up spending the entire day working on obtaining financial sponsors. This morning, I got an email rejection from a bank in regards to date auction sponsorship. I could feel the anxiety starting to set in about our sponsorship situation, so I decided to take a break and visited the Indians website to read more about their win- it really inspired me and within a few minutes, I was focused again and went back to work on research and contacting new businesses. I don't have any good news to report yet, but there were definitely a number of organizations that expressed interest, so we have to wait and give them an opportunity to review the info.

I wasn't happy with myself that I spent all day working on the date auction sponsors. There are so many other things that need attention, all important things as well. I knew that I had other things to work on today, but I wanted to keep going until I reached someone who committed to sponsoring our event. It is really tough sometimes when you work hard on things, but don't have anything to show for it, except a busy looking spreadsheet and a lot of sent emails. Our date auction is such an awesome event and is a perfect fit for companies looking to reach the young professional market in Boston. If I was in the positions that some of these companies are and I heard about our event, I would jump on it instantly. Even when things are financially difficult, one still has to market their business and this is a great marketing opportunity and they will also be supporting a childrens charity at the same time- it is a terrific partnership. It is frustrating to have this wonderful event, but still be lagging on financial sponsors. I know that the economic situation is to blame for a large part, but the world still is functioning and there is still money out there. I need to keep reaching out, but I could also do with recommendations for people to contact who would be interested in sponsoring. So, if you know anyone who would like to get involved, please let me know. I need help.

Anyways, it is almost 1am and I'm off to bed. I need to write my list and actually follow it tomorrow. I can't spend the entire day working on one thing. I'm going to a networking event in Boston, so hopefully I will make some connections for the date auction. I'll keep you posted. Until tomorrow friends..

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