Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Upside of the Roller Coaster

Well, today was an improvement. When I woke up, I wasn't even going to do the leisurely breakfast that I decided upon last night. I was going to start work right after exercising and do my usual breakfast while working routine, but then I decided that I needed to stick to my original plan- I had my delicious breakfast and read the newspaper and then started work- it made such a difference. I don't even know why it mattered so much, probably because it was a change in routine and a chance to just relax and really get things back on track. Then, the good news started rolling in- two financial sponsors are back on board and we got some awesome auction items in. The Southwest airlines tickets arrived and we received cool items from Jay Leno- an autographed children's book that he wrote, autographed Tonight Show t-shirt and autographed photo. How cool is that?

There was a funny moment though this morning. I hadn't looked at my email for about an hour, I checked it and saw two emails from a local company that sponsored our event last year. I decided to first open the email that came in last- it stated that they would be sponsoring our anniversary event at the $250 level- same as last year. It also said "correction" on it. I was happy to have the sponsorship. I then checked the email that came in 20 minutes early- it said they would be sponsoring at the $550 level. I was relieved that I had opened the correct email first. It would have been disappointing to have been thinking we were getting the double amount, but this way I was already happy.

I was working on contacting calendar sponsors and following up with other things that I hadn't gotten to earlier this week. Yelp is back on board as a sponsor for our date auction and they are going to help recruit some single guys and ladies to auction off as well and donate some items for our gift bags. Our official PS tote bags have already been ordered. I am really excited to see them.

I was thinking today when I was driving about what a roller coaster this job is. Today was the upside of the roller coaster- the last 3 days were the downside. I wish there was a way to take it less personally, to let the bad times have less of an effect, but I don't think there really is. It's a job that I take personally and I think that to be good at it, you do need to take it personally. I could do with getting less stressed and anxious, but I haven't really found much of a way to do that. All I do is go back to baby steps, which is pretty much what I did today and that always helps.

Well, tiredness has just hit me, I was a bundle of energy a few minutes ago and now I don't know what just happened- I feel like I can't keep my little eyes open. I was going to go and send some more emails, then sort some stuffed animals- now I don't even feel like getting up to switch off the office computer. I know there's other things that I wanted to write about, but I can't remember now. Anyways, I'm off to bed- it is so early too, only 11:57! Until tomorrow friends..

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