Friday, June 5, 2009

Moving Along

Well, I am just home from a delightful evening. I've belonged to the Hello Stiletto Shoe Club for a couple of years now- it is an awesome social group which is based around women's love of shoes. Hello Stiletto does lots of different events- social gatherings at bars/restaurants, shopping events, museum visits, formal events, etc. Melissa, who started the group, also generously helps support Project Smile. She is the reason that Sofft Shoes was on board as a sponsor for our date auction last year and she is supporting our date auction again this year (along with Sofft). It is wonderful when you meet people who are just so kind and helpful and always a pleasure to be around- Melissa is one of those types of people.

Anyways, tonight there was an event at Copley Plaza- the upscale shopping mall in Boston which featured a fashion show. I got to model a pair of super hot Stuart Weitzman red satin pumps. I had a blast- it was a very fun experience. It meant even more to me because I have been having a stressful time with work. I've been very wrapped up with our financial pressures and I've been losing sight of all the good things that are going on and how lucky I am in many ways. Participating in this event tonight reminded me of how much I have to be happy for. As I walked the catwalk, I could hear Melissa introducing me and she included my title and that I worked for Project Smile- I couldn't help but feel proud as I listened to the introduction.

What is new with work? Well, yesterday went well in terms of time management. I didn't get obsessed with working on one thing and managed to work on different topics. We did get commitments for a couple of new silent auction items for our anniversary celebration. Tomorrow, I have to pick up a gift certificate from the Whitin Community Center. We are in what I am kindly referring to as a holding pattern in regards to date auction gift certificates. We have been at 22 certificates for too long now- we need to get to 40. I have also started making phone calls to set up calendar photo shoots- it always takes a while in the beginning to get things set up. I always get worried that things won't work out and I'll have a calendar with no photos in it which also means a debut party/anniversary celebration/major fundraiser of the year which no one will attend because there is no one is in the calendar. Yes, the worry thoughts keep growing.

Well, that's it for tonight. It is 12:40 and I should be heading to bed, I have a long list to write for tomorrow. This is the earliest I've been to bed in a few days. I'm fighting the urge to eat some cheese/crackers or frozen lemon popsicle- I shouldn't. I've had plenty of food tonight and seriously don't need anymore. Until next time friends..

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