Thursday, September 16, 2010

Date Auction is Tomorrow!

Well, it is almost here! Just 24 hours until the date auction! I can't really believe it- all these hours, all the work, all the things that had to come together and now it is here. It is a little surreal. I've done everything that I can do- I've promoted the event as much as I can, I think I've covered every detail for things to run smoothly- no matter what happens tomorrow night, I am proud of the effort I made. Hopefully, things will go well tomorrow- people will show up, there won't be any big issues that get in the way and everyone will have a good time and we will raise lots of money! The weather is supposed to be good tomorrow night, so that helps too. It is hard to describe my mood right now- I'm excited, nervous, tired and sort of calm all at the same time. I didn't know it was possible to be a mixture of all those things! I have to pack my lamp and get out my clothes for tomorrow. In the morning, I will print out the guest list, load up the cars- a friend of mine is coming over and loading up his car too with gift bags, then off to Gypsy Bar we go. I'm planning on getting there for 1:30, it is super early, but I like to relax and not have to rush. I hate that panicked rushed feeling and do as much as possible to avoid it.

Well friends, I think that is it. I am going to catch up on some emails and double check that I've packed everything that we need. Please wish me luck for tomorrow! The Boston Globe is supposed to be featuring our Date Auction in their Names section tomorrow- look out for it! Until next time- hopefully, I will have lots of happy news to report on!

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