Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ups and Downs

Well, I'm still working on the blogging every day routine- don't know why I'm having such difficulties with it. Tonight, I'm blogging earlier, because I think that I get too tired later and don't have the energy to write- although I always do enjoy it when I blog and I am a night person!

So what's new? Things have been OK- some good things going on and also struggling with other things. First the good news- volunteers are working out really well, it is great to have the extra help. I was so happy yesterday when one of the ladies who comes to help sort stuffed animals said that she wanted to come for an extra day to help out more- it was such a good feeling to know that someone wants to spend their extra time helping Project Smile.

We also received some good auction items lately- including a $50 gift card to a really good local restaurant. I was doing a lot of internet research yesterday and today, looking for places that I hadn't thought of before and contacted a lot of places- hopefully we will get some donations for our auction. One of our volunteers was helping call places today too. I need to start working on obtaining financial sponsors for the event too.

I'm still struggling in regards to finding sponsors for the date auction in Boston and that has been quite stressful. I need help with making connections with Boston area businesses who would be interested in supporting our event. I'll keep you posted on how things go, but if anyone has suggestions, please send them along!

I'm also trying to reach new businesses to help sponsor our Halloween and Child Safety event, that has been difficult as well. I've reached out to all of last year's sponsors, hopefully they will all be on board again, but we absolutely need to find new sponsors. Last year, we had 850 children and parents attend the event- it is really a wonderful event (if I may say so myself!). Now we really need it to become a bigger fundraiser.

Anyways, enough fundraising woes for tonight. Tomorrow I am out west to the police and fire departments- Brimfield, E. Brookfield and another town nearby. I haven't been to Brimfield before, I always enjoy going somewhere new. I also have to work on following up on nursing homes that we contacted last week and of course- auction items. I try to contact 3 businesses a day for auction items.

Until next time....

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Miss Powers said...

Ahh! We have so much to chat about Thursday! You're such an inspiration---keep up the awesome work!