Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Good Networking

Well, first of all- thank you to that nice person who left such a kind comment on my blog. I really appreciate it- it is always nice to hear encouraging words and to know that people care.

So what's new? I did actually get more sleep last night and I felt so much better today, I had a lot more energy and really got some things done. I was working on the usual things and I also spoke with a potential date auction sponsor- it was the same group that I had mentioned last night. They sounded really interested, so hopefully that will work out. I emailed the info after we spoke, I'll follow up again next week. I also got our first fire fighter signed up for the date auction. I always feel relieved when i have at least one firefighter. I don't know why, but I always get so anxious about everything event related. We have 4 ladies signed up so far and three men, so that is a pretty good start.

I went to a networking event in Boston tonight. It was actually pretty good. A lot of the time, I feel like I struggle at large networking events. It can be hard to break in with small groups that are chatting or to walk up to random strangers. But tonight, I really thought about the networking tips that I've heard and made a major effort to approach new people. Things went well and I made some connections that look like they will be good. I have quite a few people that I need to email in the morning. That is one of the most important things- following up with people from a networking event. I've read about how people collect a lot of cards, then never end up doing anything with them. I know I'm guilty of that too. However, I've been making a major effort to get in touch with people afterward, since that is the whole point of networking.

Well, it is 12:15 and I'm going to go eat the half an eclair which is the fridge- no healthy fruit tonight! Then I'm off to bed. It made such a difference going to bed earlier last night, I need to keep this going. Until tomorrow friends...

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