Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Fashion Show News

Well, after the horror of last week, it is good that we have some happy news this week. Our Smiling Stiletto Step into Spring fashion show is officially sold out!  We are continuing a great tradition that we have going on with our fashion show.  I was laughing at myself this afternoon- I get so anxious about our events, but then, when it all works out, I can't remember why I was so anxious. We were stagnant for a while with ticket sales and that causes anxiety. Last spring, we sold out one month before the show which was incredible, so it made me worried that we weren't matching that. Of course, in the end it doesn't matter if you sold out one month or one day ahead. Our models are getting fitted, our host is confirmed and our vendors are pretty much all in communication with Copley Place, so things are on track. Copley has some awesome gift bags for the guests which is great. I had a meeting with Copley today to do a walk-thru and go over the last minute details.

Tomorrow, I have to return the auction items which were for the silent auction that we were supposed to do at  beer/wine fest over the weekend. The event was cancelled due to everything that was happening in Boston. It will now be held May 31/June 1. We have 30 sports items here and I want to return them to the dealer as soon as possible.

Well, that's the latest for tonight. There is more to write about, but my mind is starting to go blank. Until tomorrow friends...

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