Friday, July 17, 2009

Busy Day

Greetings! So what's new? Well, this is going to be a short blog, because I am super tired- my eyes are closing. Today was a busy day- I was at the police academy this morning recruiting for our date auction. It went great. Nine guys signed up which was a good number. Hopefully, we won't lose any. It was a very outgoing group. I love going to the Academy, especially to recruit for the date auction. The class had even took up a collection for Project Smile and donated $200. How cool is that? The Lt. from Quincy that I'm friends with is always such a big help. He is really supportive of Project Smile. He organizes my speaking to the Academy and the Quincy officers for the calendar and he helps sell some too. I wish everyone could be as helpful as he is. After the academy recruiting, we headed over to the docks to do the Quincy police photos with the boat. That was our longest photo shoot so far. I hope the pictures came out well, I think they well. There were some families that had participated before and also some new families too. It is always fun to see the kidds each year- they usually grow so much. I love doing the photos on the boat- there are lots of different things to do and it is also more challenging to keep finding the best shot. I only wish the kids didn't have to wear lifejackets- they are not very photogenic. Obviously, they have to wear them since they are on a boat, but from a visual stance, the lifejackets are rather unattractive.

I'm going to be out all afternoon tomorrow- I'm heading to CT to do calendar photos and drop off stuffed animals with a new fire department. I have a ton of work that needs to be done- I'm falling behind these last few days because I have been out on the road so much. I have a lot of emails that I need to catch up on, we need to double our efforts for date auction gift certificates- we only have half the number that we need, also need to work on more auction items for both events, grants, finding a sponsor for our last month in the calendar and setting dates for the rest of the photos that need to be done. We usually finish photos by early August, but I still have 7 more shoots that haven't even been scheduled yet.

Well, all this talk about works that needs to be done is getting me more tired. I need to be up and functioning early tomorrow so I can get a lot done before I hit the road. I don't have any plans tomorrow night, I know it's a Friday night, but I'm going to be in and catching up on a lot of things and relaxing as well- I have a book that I want to keep reading, movies to watch from Netflix. I don't remember the last night that I didn't have anything going on- it is great to be going out a lot, I love it, but sometimes it is nice to just have a night at home too- even if it is a Friday night. Until next time friends..

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