Thursday, July 23, 2009

Busy Day and Hugs

Well, today was a busy day. There was one particularly nice moment that I wanted to share. I did photos this morning of a police officer with his daughters. They were in last year's calendar as well. I don't remember how old the girls are- I think they are 8 and nine or nine and ten. We did the photos- it went well, it was kind of a relief to photograph older kids who are able to stand still and listen. Anyways. the girls went to leave and they both gave me a hug before they left. It was such a pleasant surprise and it made me very happy. They are such nice little girls. I don't remember ever getting a hug from any of the kids that appear in our calendar before.

So I had my meeting with the sports team today. It went well- we are definitely going to be involved with them and do some events. They aren't able to do one of the events that I had in mind, that was a little disappointing, but there are a lot of other potential ways to work together that can bring in some funds and raise awareness. We will also be able to drop the puck at our event. They also donated some nice items for a silent auction basket. I'm really looking forward to working with them- there is definitely a lot of potential and I think we can do a few events together next season. I also want to reach out to other teams, particularly in CT and NH, both areas that we are working to expand in.

After the meeting, I hurried down to Framingham to do calendar photos with our only female officer to be featured in the 2010 calendar so far. I really wish we could get more female officers involved, but it is hard to do. I didn't get a lot of other things done today, so I have a pretty long list to write for tomorrow. I did get another photo shoot scheduled for Monday which is good. I haven't heard back from Lisa, I emailed her a couple of days ago. She and her family just moved from CA to MD this month, so she probably has a ton of stuff going on. I have 2 photos scheduled for tomorrow morning, but it is pouring right now and is supposed to rain into the morning, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't need to be rescheduled- it took so long to get this appointment. After work tomorrow I'm going to be fitted for my jeans- very excited!

Well, that's the latest and greatest for today. I'm fighting off the urge to munch on cheese and grapes, but I'm actually trying to drop a couple of pounds- and one of the best ways is to curb the late-night eating. If only cheese was a health food- what a blissful existence it would be! Until next time friends..

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