Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chugging Along

Things were a bit of a struggle today- another letter of rejection from a potential event sponsor, which was not entirely unexpected, but still disappointing. I still haven't heard about that $5k grant, I should be hearing any day now- the longer it gets, the more I think we won't be getting it. There was a person who was supposed to have taken care of a month in the calendar, but I'm having trouble reaching them and I don't know what is going on. I also have another 1/2 spot that needs filled and no viable prospects for that either. I did schedule 3 more calendar photo shoots today which is good, but I still have quite a few more than need to be done. I'm doing 2 photo shoots this weekend, I don't usually schedule things for the weekend and I've had to alter my plans somewhat, but it is so important to get these photos wrapped up asap. One of the shoots is a redo- only the second time that I've had to redo photos. The first time happened a few years ago- I did photos with a police officer, his 2 very beautiful daughters and his fiancee- who was also a police officer. The next morning, I got a phone call from the children's mother who was very upset that her daughters were photographed with the fiancee- she said she had never given permission for that and she said a few other things that shouldn't be repeated here. It was an unfourtunate situation and I did understand why the mom was upset. The father had signed the release form for his daughters, so technically I could have used those photos, but it was easier to just redo them without the fiancee being in the photo with the girls. I've never had to redo photos because they came out badly- except for the one that is being redone on Saturday morning. It is a father with his young son- they are a very cute family, but on the day I was doing photos, the little kid would not sit still. I have one good photo of him by himself, but nothing decent of him and his father. The mom is coming this time, so hopefully she can get his attention and I can get some good photos.

What else is new? I posted our date auction on Yelp and some other sites. is also going to be listing the date auction. We're also going to be getting volunteers from Single Volunteers Boston again- they usually send really good volunteers. I was following up with auction items that have been promised for the anniversary event. I still don't have enough gift certificates for the date auction couples either. I'm getting so nervous and anxious- there is so much that needs to come together for our events to be a success. I'm always afraid that we are going to fall short- I am going to fall short (there really isn't a 'we'). This calendar needs to get put to bed really soon so I can focus on our 2 big events- the money makers for the year. The thing is- a lot of the people that attend our anniversary celebration are also featured in the calendar- they come to see the debut of the calendar, so that's why it is so important to get as many people as possible in the calendar.

I've been waiting to hear back from a potential date auction sponsor- she had said that they most likely would be sponsoring again, but she hasn't responded to my last two emails or my vm yesterday. I've been delaying getting the event flier finished so I could add their logo- without having to pay Lisa more money to revise the flier. It is so frustrating to deal with unresponsive people- I deal with that every single day and it is one of the absolute worst parts of my job. I know that I'm not perfect in getting back to people and I really make an effort to get back to people as quickly as possible, but I know I could definitely do better. I spend an amazing amount of time just following up with people that have already promised that they are going to help.

Anyways, enough on that topic- I could go on about that forever. I have a calendar photo shoot in the morning- I don't have to travel for this one thankfully, then I'm off to my meeting with the sports team, then another calendar photo shoot at 4pm. I also have to follow up with event sponsors and auction items for both events. There is another issue with the date auction that surfaced this morning, it looked like a big problem, but things improved this afternoon- so hopefully we can resolve it without it becoming a much larger problem. I don't have time for large problems now- I have enough issues already that need to be dealt with.
Until tomorrow friends..I'll let you know how the sports meeting went, I'm really looking forward to it- and photos too!

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