Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Thursday

Today was a productive day- I finally finished the grant application which has been on my daily list for about 2 weeks. Last night, as I wrote it yet again on the next day's list, I decided that I was fed up with seeing it on my list and it would be priority one this morning. It was a small grant, but it was a grant that had no guidelines and that made it difficult. All I was told was to write to the Foundation. I couldn't find anything online about the types of programs they sponsor and when I called, I really wasn't given any info besides being told to send a letter. So, hopefully it will work out and they will support our program. I feel a little uneasy about it, mostly because I don't know what they were looking for.

We have another returning sponsor committed for the calendar which leaves us with a half month spot left to fill. There was another spot that someone was supposed to be taking care of for us, but I'm not sure what's happening and I'm feeling like it won't work out and I will have to find a filler.

Our event flier is looking fabulous. We have a version that we need to send to an event sponsor this week, but in order to keep costs down, I'm waiting as long as possible until we have all the updates that need to be on the invitation before I have our designer do the flier/invite. Last year, we spent a lot of money on designs because of all the revisions and additions done, so this time, I'm making a major effort to cut down the revisions so we can get everything on there at one time.

We're in the early stages of working on a roadrace for next year. Michelle, our new board member, is taking the initiative on working on the roadrace, which is a big help. I really don't have the time right now to start working on another event. There is a lot of planning involved and I am concerned about finding enough sponsors to cover costs, but races are awesome fundraisers and I definitely want to start an annual race.

What else is new? I'm really happy with the lovely ladies that signed up for our date auction- they are a terrific group. It is funny how different women can be from guys. Ex., when people sign up for the auction, I send them an email listing the info that I need for our program and requesting a photo. The women will usually get back to me very quickly with their info/photo. When the guys, it is very different. I usually have to keep following up to get their info. Frequently, the women will have much better quality photos than the guys do. It is kind of funny, some of the guys who are quite attractive in person will send in completely unflattering photos. That never happens with the women. We only have half the spots filled for the guys, so we have quite a long way to go for recruiting. Next week, I am at the police academy, hopefully that will go well. Last year ended up not working out well. Initally, we had nine guys sign up from the academy, then only 4 sent me their profile info. Of those four, two dropped out and one didn't show up. The year before that was a lot better- the guy that married the lady he met at the date auction was actually recruited from my academy visit.

Well, I think that's it for tonight. I'm hungry! I'm craving one of my favorite summer combinations: watermelon, blueberries, sliced peaches and cottage cheese. It is so delicious. I am such a foodie! As I've gotten older, I love food and cooking even more. OK, off to raid the fridge, even though I should go straight to bed- it is 1:15. Until next time friends..

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