Thursday, July 2, 2009

New Month

Well, here we are- the first day of July. Can you imagine we are already in July? I can't believe how time flies by, it just seems to disappear and most of the time I feel like I haven't gotten enough done. Today, I was spending some serious time on getting a special guest speaker for our Anniversary Celebration. We don't have a speaker yet and I need someone interesting. Gail Huff and JC Monahan did an awesome job last year, but we do need someone new this year. I've been writing to a number of anchors and news personalities and I contacted more today. It would be cool to get a pro athlete as well, but that is a longshot. I think the news reporters are interesting and they are well received. I am open to suggestions though, so if anyone is reading this and can help us get a cool guest speaker for our event, that would be awesome. I do need some help with this.

We have a few more single ladies signed up for our date auction- we have 7 spots offically still available, but there are 3 ladies who signed up and haven't sent me their profile info, even after my reminder email, so I'm not sure if they have dropped off. I will send another email next week and if I don't get a response, I'll remove them from the list. We have a great group of ladies so far. I haven't heard from the FF who are helping recruit the single FF yet, so I'm going to place another phone call tomorrow.

Calendar photos are going a little too slow- we still have a lot of departments left to photograph. This incredibly rainy weather doesn't help either- the only good thing with this weather is that we are saving the electric bill since we're not running the AC! I go through this every year with the photos- it takes a long time to get the photo shoots scheduled and I always worry that it will never get done. I have a shoot scheduled for tomorrow and two on Friday, so that is pretty good. I was sort of planning on taking Friday off and make it a long weekend, but I will be working. I have too much that needs to get done anyways to take days off.

We have a tentative commitment for a date auction sponsorship, actually it's not quite a tentative commitment yet- it's the step before that- the "I think we will do something" step. I don't know what I can say that will push it to the next level, I think I've said everything possible and it is now up to the company to make the decision. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be good news. I'm not sure if I should follow up tomorrow or wait until next week. I don't want to appear too pushy, but I would like a definite answer. I need to keep working on finding new sponsors and I need to get back to work on getting more gift certificates for the date auction- I've slipped a little in contacting businesses.

Well, I'm getting tired and going to bed early, it is only 12:30- maybe this will actually be an early night tonight! Until tomorrow friends..

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